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About Us/Our Mission


The team at H2O LUXE are 100% Australian owned and operated. 

Together we are both health & gym enthusiasts, with collaborating backgrounds; Andrew a personal trainer/engineer and Kristy a nutritionist. We consider ourselves a well-balanced innovative team, combining our strengths to meet the logical, but also practical needs of others.

Collectively we have shaken a lot of protein shakes in our time and we certainly know what a quality shaker should be. When we designed our newly sophisticated shakers, our mission was to modernise the original protein shaker to include the following; eco-friendly, durable, hygienic and multipurpose, whilst not compromising the aesthetics. 

As people get more serious about health and fitness, they are making more conscious decisions about what they choose to consume their daily fluid intake out of, due to the potential health risks that are associated with reusing PET plastics.

Statistics show people are consistently repurchasing new shakers due to their poor quality and their ability to obtain odours and stains. Not to mention one of the most talked about topics to date…. the effects plastic is having on our environment. In Australia, an estimated 370 million plastic water bottles end up in landfill every year and one disposable water bottle takes up to 400 years to break down. 

We believe our versatile stainless steel shakers offer everyone not only a better choice, but also allows you to be doing your part for the environment. An additional bonus is saving yourself dollars at the same time.

 Hence the creation of H2O LUXE!